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     ...One small step for musicians...giant leap for sound!

 Simple, intuitive, and responsive, unlock your GREAT SOUND!! Stomp Pad's natural toe tapping feel drives back beats to expand your sound while you focus on performing. Compatible with the latest iOS devices and MIDI Apps, it's the ultimate musicians' companion. Get our Free Stomp Pad App for your iOS device and grab a starter pack for your gig bag!

 Stomp Pad controls your beat by either putting your foot down and holding a loop on, tapping out a beat, or touching on and touching off to start and stop a beat. This allows great flexibility for live performance. Checkout and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to follow the many amazing ways to use Stomp Pad



Stomp Pad sets up in seconds, even in the dark. So soft and flexible, you can shove it in your guitar case



Try rocking it three ways


Super light drum kit...use Stomp Pad with your iPad​


Music Weekly Tech Reviewer Barry Rudolph
"I tried out Stomp Pad with GarageBand on my iPhone 6 and was amazed at how sensitive and quickly it responds to gentle toe tapping. ... Perfect for solo musicians looking for a low profile method to trigger hands-free various rhythmic accompaniments"


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